Crypto and Digital Safety and Security

Will you be one of those who cross the finish line and achieve financial freedom?

Or will you be one of those who lose their crypto and digital assets to a hack, scam, or accident?

Crypto Safety First

Expand your Knowledge and Apply Good Practices to Keep Your Assets Safe.

5-Minutes Digital Safety Power Ups

Becoming more safety-conscious doesn’t have to be time-consuming. 

It only takes 5 minutes a day to boost your knowledge and learn about the best practices to keep your assets safe.

The 5-minute Power-Ups consist of concise articles designed to provide valuable insights. 

You can find all our articles in Medium.

But if you feel comfortable with Web 2.5 content-sharing platforms, you can give PublishOx or BulbApp a try.


Platform for publishing and sharing written content, including articles, essays, and stories


Agnostic publishing platform that rewards both authors and readers


BULB pioneers Web3, promoting Write-to-Earn and Read-to-Earn on Solana blockchain

Crypto Safety First Official YouTube Channel

Complement your knowledge with short but informative videos from the Crypto Safety First YouTube Channel.