About us

What is Our Goal

We are deeply concerned about the increasing frequency of financial hacks and the growing number of scam victims, particularly in the realm of crypto scams.

Victims of these scams come from various backgrounds:

– Some are individuals who are intelligent and well-educated, but lack specific knowledge about digital safety or fail to follow good practices, making them vulnerable to sophisticated hacks and scams.

– Other victims belong to vulnerable groups, such as older people or those with limited digital safety education.

Hackers and scammers often target these individuals, emphasizing the importance of providing them with comprehensive guidance to enhance their awareness of digital safety.

At Crypto Safety First, our goal is to provide the knowledge and tools you need to protect your crypto, digital and financial assets from hacks, scams, or accidents.


Concerning us, who work at Crypto Safety First, we are not ready yet to disclose our physical or digital identity. 

We hope that you understand that we prefer to remain anonymous for the time being.

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