Crypto and Digital Safety Good Practices

Protect your most valuable assets and accounts by learning about digital safety good practices.

And create the habit of always applying those good practices as a safety net for any unexpected situation.

Defend your digital assets from hacks, scams, and accidents by following digital safety good practices

Invisible Ink: Enhanced security for your passwords and secrets

To avoid forgetting passwords, one common practice is to maintain passwords in a notebook, but the risk of unauthorised access is always a concern.

To address this issue, UV ink provides a smart solution.

This article explores the benefits of UV ink and provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use UV ink to write passwords in a notebook securely.

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Home safe box

Home Safe Box For Digital Wealth Fire And Theft Protection

A home safe box is an excellent additional layer of security to protect your physical and also digital valuables from robberies and accidents.

A solid, concealed, unmovable, and fireproof safe will keep your passport, hardware wallet, digital backups, hard wallets, seed phrases stored in an encrypted drive, or emergency funds like cash or gold safer.

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