Protect Your Valuables at Home with a Safe Box

A home safe box is an excellent additional layer of security to protect your physical and also digital valuables from robberies and accidents.

A solid, concealed, unmovable, and fireproof safe will keep your passport, hardware wallet, digital backups, hard wallets, seed phrases stored in an encrypted drive, or emergency funds like cash or gold safer.

If there are any physical or digital assets you cannot afford to lose or would be highly inconvenient to replace, you should consider adding an extra layer of protection in the form of a secure safe box. 

Home safe box

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How to Choose the Right Home Safe Box for Your Needs

What is safer?:

– A very sturdy that is exposed because cannot be hidden because is too bulky?

– Or a much less sturdy but more compact safe box that can be very well concealed and would be difficult to find?

Or what would you choose?:

– A safe box that can be conveniently opened with a digital keypad but requires frequent battery exchanges?

– Or a less convenient to-open safe box that does not require regular battery checkups?

Before deciding on a safe box, some aspects need to be considered so you can choose the safe box that better suits your situation and requirements.

Home safe box options

The SentrySafe safe selector can be a good way to get an initial idea on what you need to consider and what would be the cost of the safe you need.

But you should consider to do your own research and learn what is the most suitable home safe box for your own needs.

A Safe Box Should be Easy to Conceal and Unmovable.

The safest safe box may become a liability if it is exposed to anyone visiting your residency or if it can easily be moved or taken away.

Keep your safe box secret and out of sight

A safe box is an object that attracts attention because its purpose is to store valuables. And because of this, once discovered, a safe box would become a priority target for robbers or anyone with bad intentions.

A safe box too large and not possible to conceal may not be your best option because a safe box should be an additional, and maybe the last, layer of protection. And that would not be the case if the safe box is too exposed and becomes a priority target for a robber that breaks into your residency and can easily find it.

Also, you don’t want your visitors to know that you have a safe box and that information is spread from mouth to mouth.

Nobody should be able to move your safe box on purpose or by accident

There has been a case of valuables thrown away because they were stored in a movable object used as safe storage. And while the owners were absent or gravely ill, the object was deemed unimportant and disposed of.

Nobody would throw away a safe box by accident, even though we should not put all our trust in people’s common sense. 

But take into consideration that if the safe is small enough and is not safely fixed to an unmovable object, a robber may take it away. 

Your safe should be fixed to an unmovable object, ideally a sturdy wall or floor. But if this is not an option, because your residency only has plaster walls, you need to consider alternatives like attaching it to some heavy furniture. And for that you will need a drill, and some other tools which can be an additional cost if you don’t have them already.

Home safe box wall mounting

But, in any case, a safe box must must not be possible to move without first opening it to remove the fastening bolts that keeps it attached to the wall, floor or furniture.

Accidents, Fire and Water Proof Safes

Robbers are not the only threat for your physical or digital valuables.

Fire and water may easily destroy passports, documents or digital devices that are not heat or water proof.

Safe boxes offer some degree of protection and the safe design will determine how long your valuables will be protected against the elements.

Fire and heat

Some safe boxes are designed to protect documents for a period of time, usually between 30 (LFS 30) and 60 (LFS 60) minutes. 

And if fire is a concern for your valuables, you should consider that a fire proof safe box is a must but may not be sufficient and you may need to take extra steps.

First you should assess how much heat and for how long can stand. A document will stand much better the heat than a electronic device whose maximum heat tolerance is 80 degrees.

There are ways to extend the protection against fire but the heat may be your biggest concern. Have it in mind and think about workarounds, like storing copies of your digital assets or valuables in a second location.

Home safe box fireproof

Water and humidity

Unless the valuables are made of non-corrosive metals, water and humidity would be a problem for most of the valuables.

If your safe box is stored on a high enough area, water exposure may not be a concern. But will be a problem when it is located in a low area of your residency, like on a basement or very near to the floor.

If placing your safe box in a high area is not a possibility, you may want to take extra precautions and purchase some waterproof bad, case or wallets where you can place your valuables and place inside the safe box.

And if your safe box it is placed in a humid area, this may be a big problems for your electronics or documents so better be safe and place them within a water proof container.

Home safe box waterproof

Alternatively, you may consider to purchase water proof electronic devices that can be safely store in a safe box without additional protection elements.

encrypted USB drive water proof design

How Long can a Safe Resist a Brute Force Break Attempt?

Professional robbers will be able to break into a safe faster than most people expect. That is why it is so important to keep the safe concealed.

But once discovered, a safe should resist a brute force break attempt for as long as possible. Because the robber will work against the clock, and any extra minute counts.


Most of the safes have rather thin walls that will not endure any prolonged brute force effort if the robber is using the right tools like a power drill and some heavy hammer or crowbar.

It is up to you to decide what are is the probability of a robber coming prepared and having enough time to break into the safe using brute force. If the probability is high, look for safe boxes with thick stainless walls and be aware that they can be expensive. 


The less exposed and accessible the safe box walls, the more difficult it would be for a robber or anyone to attempt a brute force attack.

If possible, place your safe box in such a way that only the front is accessible, with just enough space to open and close the secure door so using tools to break into the safe becomes quite inconvenient.

Best location for a home safe box

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