Two-factor (2FA) quiz.

This quiz will score your general two-factor authentication (2FA) knowledge.

After completing the quiz, your score will be displayed as well as our feedback on each one of the questions.


Are two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MMA) the same?

Which of the following are valid two-factor authentication (2FA) examples? Select all that apply.

What is safer, a 2FA authenticator app or a 2FA hardware token (e.g., hardware key)?

What does TOTP stand for?

Can a TOTP sent by SMS be considered a safe 2FA method?

Can a TOTC provided by an authenticator app be considered a safe 2FA method?

Does 2FA fully protect digital assets from any hack or scam?

Can a hardware token permanently attached to a device, like a laptop or desktop computer, be considered a safe 2FA method?

If a password is so complex that it would take 34 years to crack it by brute force, would you consider it sufficient to protect all your digital accounts?

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