Multi-factor authentication (MFA) quiz.

This quiz will score your MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION SECURITY LEVEL based on your knowledge and the good practices you follow.


After completing the quiz, your score will be displayed, as well as our feedback on each one of the questions.

This quiz is a self-assessment. Answer the questions as truthfully as possible to get the most out of it.

Is the username and password combination an example of two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MMA)?

What Multi-Factor Authentication do you use? (select all of the options that you use)

Do you have recovery codes for all your authenticator app accounts?

Are your recovery codes stored in a secret, locked, unmovable, and disaster-proof location?

Do you know what a SIM swap scam is?

Have you instructed your mobile carrier to thoroughly verify any request to port your phone number to a different SIM card?

Is two-factor authentication (2FA) an offset of multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

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