Privacy, safety, and anonymity.

This quiz will score your privacy, anonymity, and security level.

After completing the quiz, your score will be displayed, as well as our feedback on each one of the questions.


Do you use public networks (e.g., free wi-fi at airports, gyms, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants,...) with or without VPN?

True or False?: I can safely use public networks because in my device (e.g., laptop) I have a very secure and up-to-date antivirus and a firewall installed.

True or false?: When connecting to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube,... they can easily find out on what city you live.

Browsing the internet using a private window or incognito mode protects your anonymity and data

I regularly dedicate time to increase and maintain up-to date my digital safety knowledge, and I strictly follow digital safety good practices

I have learnt about how to identify phishing scams and protect myself and my digital assets from scammers.

Which of the following applications can be used to maintain digital anonymity? (select all that apply)

Which of the following are examples of private search engines? (select all that apply)

Which of the following are examples of private browsers? (select all that apply)

By law, my personal data cannot collected or processed unless I consent.

If I do not accept cookies on a website, I will not be allowed to access the content.

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