Text To Hexadecimal (HEX) Conversion

In an era where information security is paramount, finding effective ways to safeguard our important and private data like user account details, passwords or wallet seed phrases has become crucial. 

No system is perfect but by leveraging the power of hexadecimal encoding, you can add an extra layer of protection to sensitive information 

In this post, we will explore the concept of text-to-hexadecimal conversion and delve into its benefits as a powerful tool for safeguarding valuable data.


Every layer of protection is important.




Convert plain text to hexadecimal to add an extra layer of protection.



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Text to Hexadecimal Conversion Examples

No better than a few examples to understand how easily plain text can be converted to hexadecimal.

Converting Website Login Details to Hexadecimal (HEX)

In this first example, we are going to transform login details from plain text to HEX.

Login details are written as plain text:

– Website: gmail.com

– Username: name.surname.XYZ78@gmail.com

– Password: 0Lm9$PI?I~0T2Ty

Login details converted to HEX:

– Website: 676D61696C2E636F6D

– Username: 6E616D652E7375726E616D652E58595A373840676D61696C2E636F6D

– Password: 304C6D392450493F497E3054325479

Now we take note of our login details, but first, we add some text so if anyone finds our passwords notebook, this person thinks that the information noted is irrelevant:



Note that in hexadecimal ’20’ represents space. We have to leave a space between the website and username and between username and password.

Login details hexadecimal

What do you think? 

If an intruder or hacker discovers the notebook or computer file where you keep a copy of your account login details, what will call more attention, the left page or the right page?

In our opinion, anyone with bad intentions will take advantage of the information displayed on the left page. But most probably will disregard the information displayed on the right page.

Converting a Wallet Seed Phrase to Hexadecimal (HEX)

In this second example, we are going to convert a 12 words seed phrase from text to HEX

The seed phrase is written as plain text:

Ledger wallet 1: abandon, barely, ceiling, enough, fix, genre, hen, immense, junk, knife, lava, marine

The seed phrase is written as a plain text, but only the first four letters of each word, which are sufficient to take note of a seed phrase safely:

Ledger wallet 1: aban, bare, ceil, enou, fix, genr, hen, imme, junk, knif, lava, mari

Now we take note of our seed phrase, the first four letters of each word, converted to HEX:




Note that in hexadecimal ’20’ represents space and ‘2C’ represents comma.

Crypto wallet seed phrase hexadecimal

Taking note of a cryptocurrency wallet seed phrase is extremely important. And keeping that safety copy away from intruders is even more important.

You can add an extra layer of protection by making sure that the seed phrase is not obvious.

How to Easily Convert Text to Hexadecimal

There is no need for complicated calculations to transform plain text to hexadecimal. In this section we are going to explore three different ways to convert text to hex:

Using manual conversion: This many may be the safest option to transform sensitive information.

Using Excel: With Excel, long strings of text can be very quickly converted to hexadecimal. If you are 200% sure that your PC is virus and malware free, this is probably the most efficient option to convert text to hex.

Using an online application: This is the handiest option, even though may not be the wisest option to transform sensitive information.

Text to Hexadecimal Conversion

Text to Hexadecimal Manual Conversion

Converting text to hexadecimal using a table is probably the slowest system but also the safest.

If you want to add a layer of protection to the login information or the passwords that you are recording on a Notebook, using text-to-hex conversion methods like Excel or Online applications is not the best option.

If you take the effort to record sensitive information offline, so hackers cannot have access to it, using an offline text-to-hex conversion method is the wisest choice.

How to use the text-to-hex conversion table?:

– Print the conversion table

– Write on a piece of paper the text that you want to convert to hexadecimal

– One by one convert every letter, number, or symbol to hexadecimal

– Once you have converted all the text, you can write it to your passwords notebook or a file that you keep safely stored in an encrypted USB drive.

Login details text to heaxadecimal conversion

And keep in mind that there are safer options for keeping sensitive information protected from intruders:

– Password-protected USB drives will keep your information safer than traditional USB drives.

– Writing sensitive information on paper, as a backup copy, is a brilliant move. But it can be a big risk factor if someone gains access to it. Add an additional layer of protection by writing the information using invisible ink that is only visible to the human eye when using UV light to reveal it.

Encrypted USB Drive

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Invisible Ink Bundle

A6 Notebook + Invisible IK Pen + UV Light Torch

Text to Hexadecimal Conversion Using Excel

Converting Text to Hex using Excel is very straightforward and handy:

– Open Excel

– Create a new blank workbook

– Write in cell A1 the text that you want to convert to HEX

– Copy the formula below, paste it into cell B1 and press Enter.

– The Hexadecimal text will be displayed in cell B1


If the text that you want to convert to hexadecimal is in another cell, for example, cell B2, you just need to adapt the formula as follows:


If you are very sure that your computer is virus, malware, and spyware free, probably this is the quickest and most efficient way to convert text to hex.

But if you have any doubt about the security of your system, if you are not 200% sure that your computer is totally safe, better not to use this system. Because you may be giving away all your login details to a hacker.

Text to HEX Conversion using an Online Application

On the web, there are several text-to-hex converters that can be used to easily convert text to hexadecimal. You can find them by searching for ‘text to hex’ or ‘text to hex converter’.

Text to Hex Converter

As an example, we are using the RapidTables Text to Hex Converter to convert text to hexadecimal, by typing it or even from a file on your computer.

Text to Hexadecimal conversion using RapidTables

Of course, even though this system is the handiest of all the three systems that we have shown, it is also the least safe.

You don’t want to write here all your login details, because who knows who may be able to access that information.

But this is a very handy option to transform some text, in case you are not sure if your text to hex manual or Excel transformation is correct.

Text to Hexadecimal Conversion Applications

Probably you can think about many ways to use the text-to-hex conversion system. But, if you need some inspiration, in the next section we are going to describe some applications that you may want to consider.

Obfuscate Passwords using Text to Hex Conversion

Storing passwords in plain text is highly discouraged because it exposes them to potential security breaches. 

By converting passwords to hex, you minimize the risk of accidental exposure.

Hexadecimal passwords are less likely to be recognized as actual passwords if they are inadvertently displayed or transmitted without proper encryption or security measures.

Password Text to Hex Conversion

If this is the first time that you learn about text-to-hex conversion, there is a high probability that the person who finds your password safety copy does not know what all those random characters mean. 

Unique and Strong passwords

Find out how safe your password is and how to make it stronger.

Obfuscate Wallet Seed Phrases using Text to Hex Conversion

Same as with passwords, converting seed phrases to hex can enhance their security by transforming them into a format that is not easily readable or guessable.

Seed Phrase Text to Hex Conversion

It is mandatory to keep a copy of your wallet seed phrase safely store, so you can recover your cryptocurrency wallet when needed.

Unfortunately, if an intruder finds that wallet seed phrase copy, there is a chance that this person figures out what words are used for, uses them to recover your wallet, and takes away your assets.

But if the seed phrase is written in hexadecimal, there is a high probability that the intruder cannot figure out what all those characters written on the paper mean.

Seed phrase

Learn what is a seed phrase and why it is so important.

Obfuscate 2FA Recovery Codes using Text to Hex Conversion

Using two-factor Authentication (2FA) is a very good practice.

Even if the login details are compromised, an intruder will not be able to use that information (username and password) to get access to the compromised account. Because in addition to the username and password, an additional factor is needed to access the account.

Two-Factor Authentication

Use 2FA or MFA To Keep Your Crypto Accounts Safe.

But, the downside is that if you lose access to the device or application used as 2FA, you will not be able to access the account.

Of course, there is the possibility of using one of the recovery codes to restore your 2FA to another device or application. And you must make sure that those recovery codes are safely stored from intruders and hackers.

And, once again, using hexadecimal to obfuscate the recovery codes is a handy way to confuse any hacker or intruder who has got access to the device, piece of paper, or notebook where you have taken note of your recovery codes.

Recovery codes in plain text: 

3456 6789

2349 3412

8765 6767

0912 0456

Recovery code in hexadecimal:

33343536 36373839  

32333439 33343132

38373635 36373637

30393132 30343536

Text to Hex Conversion: Pros and Cons

Text to Hex Conversion Pros

Once you start using hexadecimal, you will quickly discover that this encoding system has several advantages:

– The first and most obvious advantage, is that hexadecimal can be used as an additional layer of protection by encrypting sensitive data.

– Writing letters in hexadecimal can eliminate misinterpretations and mistakes. For example, what is the following, a lowercase L or a higher case i: l? 

Convert the hexadecimal ‘6C’ to text and you will know.

– Writing numbers in hexadecimal can eliminate misinterpretations and mistakes. For example, handwriting zero ‘0’ and capital o ‘O’ can lead to misinterpretation mistakes that can be easily avoided using hexadecimal.

– Writing symbols in hexadecimal can eliminate misinterpretations and mistakes. For example, writing by hand the symbol exclamation symbol ‘!’ can lead to misinterpretations with for example the letter lower case letter ‘l’ or the higher case letter ‘i’.

– All the lower and higher case letters, symbols, and numbers are represented by two hexadecimal characters: A to F letters and 0 to 9 numbers.

– Encoding in hexadecimal uses less space than using other encoding systems like binary or octal.

Text to Hex Conversion Cons

Even though encoding in hexadecimal have many advantages, there is one disadvantage that needs to be considered:

– Hexadecimal can be used as an additional layer of protection. But every layer of protection brings an additional layer of risk and difficulty: If you forget that you have used hexadecimal to encode a password, pin, seed phrase,… you may not be able to recover it.

Text to Hex Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The questions from other people are windows to knowledge that maybe we need, but we never consider we missed.

Yes, you can convert hexadecimal back to text using the reverse process. Each hexadecimal value represents a character, so you can convert each hexadecimal value back to its corresponding character to obtain the original text.

Yes, special characters and non-ASCII characters can be converted to hexadecimal. Each character has a corresponding hexadecimal value, regardless of whether it is a standard ASCII character or a special character from other character sets.

In hexadecimal, a space is represented by the value 20. So, if you encounter a space while converting text to hexadecimal, you can represent it as 0x20.

Yes, the conversion is case-sensitive. Uppercase and lowercase letters have different hexadecimal values. For example, ‘A’ is 0x41, and ‘a’ is 0x61.

Yes, you can convert numbers to hexadecimal. The numbers will be converted to their hexadecimal representation. For example, the decimal number 10 is equivalent to 0xA in hexadecimal.

Yes, you can manually convert text to hexadecimal by referring to an ASCII or Unicode table to find the hexadecimal values for each character and then write them down or type them out in the correct order.

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